5 Classic Movies And TV Shows Set in New York


Heaven and hell, busy metropolis and the saddest place in the world: New York City features a cinematic individuality that infuses all parts of society. While Hollywood is the metonym of American movie industry, filmmakers have already been fascinated with the streets of New York City ever since the first days of cinema. For its numerous representations for the big screen, The Big Apple takes up an enormous part of our social creativity.


Let me share here 5 classic movies and shows that were set in New York. The movies shot on different New York spots that show something regarding the individuality of the place, along with those who refer to it as home.


  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze


The very first 60 seconds of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze did a lot for New York tourism than any movie showcasing talking turtles. In that 60 seconds, the photographic camera jumps all around locations close to Times Square for the montage that connects New Yorkers of any group, beliefs, and color through one of many Big Apple’s most loved products- pizza slice.


  1. King Kong


Relying on how you enjoy the movie, it can be a morality story, an exceptional love story, or possibly an unpleasant look at race in the United States. Showcasing outstanding effects that still make an impression regardless of the consistently shifting range for Kong’s size, this legendary increased the bet for graphics, a genuine high-water mark. Although most of the film was shot on audio stages, the shots on the city used in the climax originate from actual cameras directed at Gotham. The picture of Kong within the Empire State Building, battling prop aircraft, is among the most important in movie history.


  1. West Side Story


It may not be the most daunting portrayal of gang assault, but West Side Story’s song and dance numbers take the power and excitement that is certainly New York. Showcasing mostly of the performances from Natalie Wood plus more classic songs that you may snap a finger at, West Side Story has attained a broad viewers than your ordinary musical play, for an essential section of the social vocabulary. Talking about reach, the dancing scenes features a lot of tough men moving in jeans.


  1. 25th Hour


25th Hour must and it has acquired enough props for dealing with the spooky years in New York right after the assaults on the World Trade Center. The movie becomes successful when it digs on the disappointment and uncertainty of such instances. There is no better illustration of this than the scene in which Barry Pepper’s persona, who resides in an expensive loft that looks over the remains, gets hostile on the consequences, the inconsistent stories of pollution and restoration.



  1. Ghostbusters


In the event you were not hooked with the theme song, you may not appreciate the fun. Ghostbusters continues to be one of the most loved movies from the strange cultural ark in the ’80s. The film borrows from a lot of styles to name, its a very smooth sci-fi angle that gives an excellent reason to open up the individual lives and backgrounds of New York’s citizens just like a Whitman’s Sampler.






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