About Me


Hey there! I’m Leslie, a 28-year old girl from UK. After 6 years of being a corporate staff and living my dream to travel and live at The Big Apple, I have finally decided to make this dream come true. Making this decision I think is the best decision that I’ve made in my life, and I am very glad and excited to share it with you!

Apart from wanting to live my New York dream, I also want to lend a hand to some travelers who want to experience the best this city can offer; this is why I launched this blog. With the decision to leave UK and relocate to New York, I believe I can share to you my encounters and obsessions for the city.

As we go along our journey to The Big Apple, I will commit myself on helping you discover utmost value on your travels. This will include aspects like how to save, where to go in New York and a lot of secrets that we may discover as we go along the way. I am excited to share to you funny travel stories and cool photos. However, like every normal human being, there will always be good and bad times. But I promise that I will be honest and real to you.

I assume that you already know the highlights of this blog- it is to help you out to travel around and in discovering the city at it’s finest. I plan to share to you here the city’s history, its culture, the lifestyle of the people living here plus an insight to the popular destinations. So I really hope that you’ll come here repeatedly to get some honest facts, inspiration and advises on traveling or living in New York City.

You are very welcome to share your experiences too! Or if you have any question or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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